"Polytechnik" CHP boilers

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Cogeneration boiler with history is quite long and they have developed the latest technology, materials and use of facilities. Visiting the Austrian manufacturer "Polytechnik" boiler plant, whose output is still preserved in a grand impression. "" Polytechnik "boiler quality can certainly be a good step in rank above average," said heat power. "Visiting the factory made ​​sure that the manufacturer's aim was to create maximum safe equipment. Depending on the consumer's needs and capabilities of these boilers are applicable to different types of fuels - from sawdust, bark and chips, and even biomass with a moisture content of virtually unlimited. "

During his visit to Austria, visited a number of "Polytechnik" boiler room, where Leonid MOG was first observed ORC process in practice. "Boilers operated fully automatically, the owners of the monitoring conducted over the Internet from their home or office, and only once every few days, they came to look at how things work," recalls engineer. "Another moment that surprised - 15 degrees on the island chimney there was only a very light mist. The amount of emissions "Polytechnik" boilers are minimized. "Heating and combined heat and power boilers with the following flue gas treatment systems are installed in the spa town where the requirements of harmful emissions into the ultra high.