Aspiration systems


Ltd. "Tauners" in cooperation with the German company "Hocker Polytechnik" offers filtration systems with capacity up to 300 000 m³ / h. They received EU certification and is fully compatible with all modern woodworking business requirements. We offer "Hocker Polytechnik" vacuum or low-pressure filtration system technology. Unlike the traditional framework, the company hosted a fan between the plant and the filter, vacuum filter case fan is clean air side of the filter unit or built into the same trap.

  • "Ūdens" siena
  • "Sausā" nosūkšanas siena
  • "Tīrā gaisa" padeves iekārta
  • Ražīgums 30 - 250 kg/h
  • Brikešu diametrs 65 mm
  • Garums 30 - 50 mm
  • Elektriskā jauda 3 - 7,5 kW
  • Iespēja izvietot tieši zem recirkulācijas filtra
  • Preses metāla skaidām

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