Sawmills equipment

AS Hekotek is a mechanical engineering company founded in 1992; its main operations include design and production of woodworking technologies and facilities. The company was founded by Finnish specialists who had been for decades working in the field of wood processing. Due to their experience Hekotek has now grown into the largest manufacturer of sawmill and bio-energy sectors equipment in the Baltic region. Beside wood processing sector, Hekotek has also produced and delivered various installations and conveyors for other industrial sectors.


  • As a standard – for 80-600 mm diameter logs, special solutions for larger log diameters
  • As a standard – for 3-6.2 m long logs, special solutions for shorter logs (from 2.0 m), as well as longer logs (up to 22 m), including cross cutting solutions
  • Sorting conveyor speed – up to 160 m/min
  • “Turn key” deliveries include operators’ working rooms, rooms for storage and container-type solutions for electrical and hydraulic centers
  • Waste handling conveyors and scrapes for collecting and transporting wastes and bark to storage place
  • Line capacity – up to 10 000 logs / shift (on the average over 20 logs/minute, top speed – up to 35 logs/minute); sorting volume – from 150 000 m3 logs / year
  • Sorting bins amount and type (one/two-sided) – according to customers’ requirements
  • Metal detectors and log measuring systems – according to customers’ preferences
  • Various reports to be printed or sent via computer network
  • Constructions made of strong steel
  • Technological solutions for extreme operating conditions – from Siberian winter to South Africa and Venezuela’s summers

Solutions depending on conveyors capacity:

  • Simpler conveyors with manual sorting possibility – up to 50 000 m3 of handled sawn timber per year (one-shift operation)
  • More complex conveyors fitted with horizontal or vertical sorting bins – up to 120 000 m3of handled sawn timber per year (one-shift operation)
Technical characteristics of sorting conveyors:
  • Moving speed of sawn timber on conveyor - up to 120 pcs/min
  • Control based on Siemens processor and computer screen visualization, with various reports on the material handled
  • Advanced measuring systems, automatic quality assessment systems integrated in conveyors
  • Conveyors’ supporting structures made of strong steel

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