"Reinbold" shredders have been widely used all over the world for decades. Their main usage area is shredding wood waste, massive wood, boards, battens and strips in woodworking enterprises, ensuring optimum cost-benefit ratio. The wide range of machines provides for usage at production facilities of diverse power, i.e., shredder AZR 60 Primus is designed for shops with small volume of wood waste, while AZR Gigant is used in large enterprises of huge power. Shredder RHZ is used for shredding long wood waste. Therefore range of “Reinbold” machines meets all kinds of production requirements. One of the main advantages of “Reinbold” shredders are round knives, which last up to 8 work cycles, completely ruling out honing and maintenance costs of the instruments.

The advantages of “Reinbold” shredders are high throughput rates, excellent reliability, low production costs, easy maintenance, operator-friendly, wide range of applications.

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